Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The end of this blog

Well folks, the journey I suppose will never really end, but since our family is now complete, the title of this blog seems inappropriate. We will keep this blog up here - hopefully someday it will still exist for Savannah's viewing...

... Now, however, please visit our new and improved family blog, Two Parents, Two Kids & Two Schnoodles, at http://DoyleMania.blogspot.com for the latest on the Doyle family and musings from two writers, two wonderful children and two energetic schnoodles ready to tackle the next pages of our adventurous life!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Dog, dog, dog!! Actually, that's a deer, Savannah

The deer are back! We hadn't seen any for awhile and now they're making their weekly visits. One of my swimmers actually stared one down in the driveway the other day, and last Thursday three walked right by while I was giving a lesson. Savannah has seen one twice now (see below photos)... she screams, or rather shrieks, a word over and over again that we know to be "dog," too funny.

Anyway, in the first photo she's pointing at the deer and shouting the dog word and the deer is staring her down - I zoomed in on the second photo. Can't wait for her to see the bear. OK, as long as we're INSIDE.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday Adam!!!!

I must be too petered out to write much lately so thankfully I have lots o' videos & pictures to post!!! This time it's the birthday boy's turn... what a great weekend we had, with a visit from Grandma Cher and Grandpa Jon, who took Adam to an awesome splash park, and a day of celebrating seven years of Adam's great life. Our hearts were so full watching Adam with his friends. Last year he seemed so surprised just to have a special pirate cake. This year he was so relaxed and just oooozing with happiness, which is of course what this Mom wanted and had been thinking about for weeks now!
Also, thanks mom and dad for sending Adam this week to a GREAT camp at the Orlando Repertory Theatre, where he's been singing and dancing his heart out (again). We can't wait to see his show tomorrow, which includes 5 Disney Broadway hits all choreographed to cool dance moves. He's been loving every minute!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

What a difference a big brother makes!

If you're trying to get your little one to walk, and you don't have a big brother or sister, rent one... they do wonders!!!!



Friday, June 20, 2008

Our girl decides to walk on her 15-month birthday today!

Savannah has walked 2-3 steps before. But tonite I was sitting at my desk and she was looking at me so matter-of-factly, stood up slowly and just walked over to me, real slowly. In the past she's tried to do it super fast and just crashed. So I was stunned at her sudden new more methodical balancing technique! I grabbed the video camera and yelled for Steve. I was just bummed that Adam already was asleep and missed it - basketball camp wore him out. But we are expecting many do-overs tomorrow from our baby girl!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This week: Basketball camp / Next stop: Orlando Magic?

Well, what a difference a year of growth and two days of basketball camp makes!!!

Adam went outside this morning (his own initiative) to practice BEFORE camp. I went out a few minutes later and he was so fired up, said he'd already made 3 baskets. So I watched, pretty stunned - he was dribbling and looked like he was 10. OK 8. He calmly said, "Mom, I just aim for that square up there and it goes right in" - and he made THREE MORE IN A ROW! He was so cute yesterday - he said their word of the day at camp was "Effort" and added, "That word it really works mom!" He dribbles up to the line (well, the cracks in our driveway, whispers, 'I think I can,' and shoots). So precious.

He's been asking repeatedly if he can go for the full-day camp next year (he's half-day this week). I'm so glad he's having such a great start to his summer (last week he had a wonderful week at the beach with grandma and grandpa, see photos below. And he was loving basketball camp even before he could make any baskets - so making some hoops now is icing on the cake.

So last night I took Savannah and Adam to Applebees for Kids Night (one of my swim moms told me about it). We all got full bellies, balloon art from Tulips the Clown, body painting (Adam got a basketball on his arm, Savannah got a blue and gold heart for spirit week this week at daycare, silly) -- all for $9.52 + tip!!! Plus Adam got to go to Mickey D's after basketball with Mom while Savannah was still at daycare which was probably really his top thing. :)

OK, I am off to a full morning of swim lessons, pick up the kids from daycare and bball camp, see if they can entertain themselves while I make a writing deadline, then Adam and I are off to take Savannah to her first haircut/trim appointment. Never a dull moment around here!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Two Great Dads

Well, I cannot say enough today about the two greatest fathers I know. My own dad, I see in a whole different way this Father's Day. Yesterday Steve drove to Savannah, Ga. (sans Savannah, cute, I know) to pick up Adam, who had spent the week with my mom and dad at their beach place in S.C. Well, Adam could not stop talking about his Grandpa Jon last night and today. Watching him talk about 3M like it's the coolest company on the planet and some other things Adam says about dad, reminds in my some ways of my self at the age. I was 6 (same age as Adam is now) when my mom married my dad, and he officially adopted me. He was absolutely the best guy around and I could believe he was MY DAD. That's how Adam talks now about his Grandpa Jon, so now, I am now not only so proud to call him my father, but so proud to be able to watch him over the years as my children's grandfather.

And Steve, well, gosh... Happy Father's Day sweetie. I look at our two wonders, Adam and Savannah, and think of all our family has gone through to become a family - the ups and downs are way to numerous to write about here, and I shake my head in amazement at the man, the Dad of our family, who was there for us through each step. Every tear, every smile, every scary moment, every airplane ride (ha!), every everything, he's been our rock. And when I say "there for us" I mean that in the strongest sense possible. Really there, at ever turn, physically, emotionally, however we needed him to be. Sure, he does the typical "guy's guy" stuff and supports our family, works hard at his job, takes the recycling bin to the curb, makes sure the cars keep running, all that wonderful stuff. But at the risk of embarrassing him a tad, Steve's list of wonderfulness does not stop there. So in honor of father's day, below are just a few things, I would like to thank Steve for doing for his children (not saying he necessarily enjoys all of it either!! but he does it all without ever complaining - methinks Barbara Sue Doyle may have something to do with this). And for all these things, today dad got three huge banana nut pancakes, a homemade book from Adam, some other fun gifts, a relaxing day at the pool (see photos!), and soon a lounging evening watching the U.S. Open. Seems to me after reading the below, he should get the same a few more weekends in a row!

1. His share of the morning rat race, as I call it. EVERY morning, never misses a beat. Adam's lunch - let's see, not counting field trips and occasional Monday pizzas, that would be 157 "perfectly made," according to Adam, PP&J sandwiches. Not to mention remembering the ice packs, drinks, two sides, and oh yeah, and a snack - packed separately - for the afternoon. Then getting Adam off to school and Savannah, too, to daycare the mornings she goes. Mom only drove Adam to school a few times during the school year so that was about 170 car trips for kindergarten alone, including at least one song per trip - go Dad!

2. Helping Adam pick out his clothes at least 5o+ mornings. I think only twice the whole school year did Mom go, "HUH?"

3. Nightly bedtime reading. Adam's teacher continued to rave during the school year about Adam's fast progression reading. 99.9 % of the credit goes to Dad. Amazingly, every night, after working 9+ hours, Dad walks through the door, our alarm system makes a beeping noise, Adam runs over HI DAD! Dad gets a 5 second break and heads off to read to Adam, or now, vice versa. Painstakingly he would work with Adam during the beginning stages, going over and over and over things (occasionally dozing off Mom has since learned!). But no wonder! Anyway, that's a lot of Dr. Seuess and Give a Mouse a Cookie.

4. Diaper changing. Even the worst of the worst. Need I say more?

5. Long talks. When things get tough we get talking. And talking and talking. I happen to think that's a big reason Adam is doing so well with us. Everything gets talked about and talked about. With everything he's been through and all the feelings he has, he has to be able to do that. So here's the thing. Dad and and Adam do that, too, deep stuff. All the time.

6. Adam: Basketball time, workouts, baseball, Beattles and other songs, 20 questions, Riddledee Me, pool jumps, hula hoop glides and so much more. Savannah: bed tosses, belly beard tickles, nighttime rocks, finger walks around the house - and teaching me sports at such an early age, of course.

7. Lego fixer. I think Adam now panics when he has a Lego crisis and Mom is the only one home.

8. On-the-way-home-from-work helper... "Honey...." If I had a nickel for every time Steve ran and errand for us on the way home from work I'd be at least semi-rich - from picking up more formula to picking up a prescription... So much easier than hauling the kids out! Thanks honey.

9. Going to all of Adam's shows (and some day, I am sure, Savannah's) - from Church to Bugz to High School Musical, he hasn't missed one yet, even if they fall in the middle of the work day.

10. Bringing love and consistency to Adam and Savannah's lives. Showing up for them every day, no matter what's going on at work, no matter how bad the Magic played, or how deadline-stressed out Mom is that day. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to the greatest dad!!!!!


HEY Check out dad underneath Adam!!!!